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Dear Residents of North Adams, Clarksburg, Florida, Monroe, and Stamford, VT,

The non-profit, Northern Berkshire EMS, depends on your membership each year to continue to operate effectively.  Since its inception, the needs of the community continue to grow at a rapid rate and the service prides itself on exceeding those needs annually. With the service responding to over 4,100 calls for assistance last year, the demand for a larger training room, an additional ambulance, and vehicle bay to store it was necessary for the residents of North Adams, Florida, Clarksburg, Monroe and Stamford, VT. Our construction project has already begun and should be completed by the end of November.

 The goal for this year is to purchase a new SUV Paramedic Intercept vehicle to replace our current 1999 Ford Expedition, which now has over 140,000 miles. This vehicle has proven to be a valuable asset to the service and the people of the community in providing Advanced Life Support. The purchase of a new vehicle will allow us to continue providing quick Paramedic response in your time of need and assist our crews with difficult access to areas throughout our community.   

 Your membership is a donation that helps to pay for the Service's operating expenses, education courses, equipment and supplies. Whenever you, as a member, use our ambulances for local transport, a bill is sent to your insurance company. We agree to accept as payment in full, whatever amount your insurance approves.  If you have a co-payment or deductible, Medicare regulations require that we bill your secondary insurance or you, the beneficiary.  By law, that co-payment or deductible remains your responsibility, even if you are a member.  You benefit if Medicare or your other primary insurance does not approve payment, because your membership will cover emergency transportation to local facilities. This could save you as much as $295.00 in ambulance bills. Your donation is tax deductible.

The cost of a membership is $35.00 per household or $30.00, with head of family at 65 years of age or if there is only one individual in your household.  If you can donate more than the cost of a membership, you will be our Star of Life, the symbol representing Emergency Medical Services.

 We are deeply grateful for your past generosity.

 Sincerely yours,

 Robert Moulton, Jr.